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Bed Bugs

Friday, April 26th, 2019

Bed Bugs can be removed from your home or business in one-day using heat solutions from Pest Pro.

Bed Bugs

Hi everyone, Scott with Pest Pro here,

With me this morning I have a few friends and they are live bed bugs. Not to worry, they’re in a secure vile but we use these live bed bugs for training aids for Belgian Malinois who’s going to be our bed bug detection dog her name is Zeva.

She is getting ready to do a little bit of training here very shortly and we just wanted you guys to see this. A lot of people have never seen live bed bugs and hopefully, you never do. But if you think you actually have a situation where you have somehow introduced Bed Bugs into your home, or your business please give us a call so we can come out and check.

If you do, we have treatment options, especially our heat solutions that can get rid of your problem in one day. That is correct one day you can be Bed Bug-free, so just remember us and you guys have a great day.