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We proudly serve Delaware & Eastern Shore Maryland. Subterranean termites are the type most likely to attack your home. In natural settings, they work as beneficial insects by breaking down cellulose-containing materials, such as dead trees. They live in the soil and must maintain contact with the ground or some other moisture source to survive. Termites become a problem to humans when structures containing cellulose are built over or near their colonies in the ground. They are able to find weakened areas in the structure or areas of direct wood to ground contact and feed on the cellulose. Termites build earthen shelter tubes from the ground into the structure for protection from predators and to help maintain a moist environment.  Many times these tubes are built on inside walls, porches, or chimneys where they cannot be seen.

Termite Control Service

In some rare situations, if water and wood are available from a source other than the soil, subterranean termites can establish a colony with no ground contact. Isolated, above-ground infestations may occur in buildings where termites have access to water from condensation, leaking pipes, roofs, or other sources.

Your home is probably the largest investment you will ever make. Delaware and Maryland are in a region that has been identified as having a moderate to heavy termite risk. So don’t delay – Call us today and let us help you protect your investment.

Take the first step to termite control now by calling PEST PRO and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours to arrange an appointment.

After Care

How can termites enter your home? Termites can enter structures with just 1/32 of an inch opening.

  • Termites follow tree roots and construction conduits such as pipes and footers to gain entry into the home or business
  • Termites constantly forage and evaluate the size and quality of food resources as they seek out cellulose
  • Termites can be in your home for several years with very few signs of activity

How can I tell if termites are in or near my home? Unfortunately, their may be no warning signs, but you can look for these:

  • Termites “swarming” during the day and often after rainfall
  • Termite evidence in or around windows and door frames
  • Mud tunnels appearing on or around the foundation
  • Baseboards and floors which may sound hollow
  • Dead termites or termite wings on window sills or along walls
Termite Control Services

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