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Perimeter Plus by Pest Pro

No matter what season it is in Delaware, there are millions of bugs and insects constantly attempting to find their way into your home. Read on to learn more about how to keep these pests at bay.

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    What Is Perimeter Pest Control?

    Everyone deserves to feel secure and protected within the confines of their home, which is why Perimeter Pest Control is not a choice: it is a necessity. Perimeter pest control is the process of securing your home’s perimeter and foundation with barriers that prevent any pests from getting in and harming you and your family. We treat the foundational perimeter of your home plus another 20 feet out into the turf for added protection. This extends the protective barrier that keeps away insects that have the potential to wreak havoc on the health and safety of your home. This might include pests like:






    much more!

    4 Benefits Of Using Perimeter Pest Control

    Perimeter pest control is guaranteed to keep your home safe and beautiful for years to come. Here are 4 of the many benefits that come with investing in perimeter pest control with our capable team:

    Protection From Diseases

    Both smaller and larger critters can carry a host of diseases and germs, all of which have the potential to make humans experience uncomfortable symptoms or even fall ill. The less exposure to these insects through perimeter pest control, the lesser the chances of developing conditions like:
    Lyme disease: Believe it or not, almost half a million individuals in the United States are treated for Lyme disease each year, a disease that stems from the bite of a tick.
    Rashes, Bites, and Irritations: Let’s face it: bug bites and scratches are never fun, even if they don’t come with a life-threatening disease. Many insects and bug bites leave you feeling itchy and red.

    Prevents Pest-Related Yard Damages

    Not only will your family feel safer without pests in the yard, but pest control also helps in preventing pests from damaging your yard space. Whether you possess a flower bed, vegetable garden, or decorative plants, many pests such as bunnies or insects can nibble away at these beautiful landscapes, diminishing the appearance of your yard. With perimeter pest control, there is no need to worry about these pests getting in any longer!

    Safety From Pest Control Chemicals

    The beauty of perimeter pest control is that no harmful chemicals have the chance of entering your home and polluting your indoor air quality. This is because all of the chemicals are applied to only the outside perimeter of the home. This varies from the more traditional pest control methods in which pesticides infiltrate within the home as well.

    Preventative Process

    One of the greatest benefits of perimeter pest control is that it prevents any infestations from occurring in the first place. It takes much more time, effort, and stress to clear out a home that is already covered in pests and bugs, so why not nip the problem in the bud before it even begins?

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    The Importance Of Hiring Professional Pest Control Services

    Perimeter pest control is best left in the hands of experienced pest control professionals. A do-it-yourself pest control job simply isn’t the same in quality, convenience, or effectiveness. Some of the many benefits of hiring professionals at Pest Pro for perimeter pest control include:

    How it Works

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    After Care

    Pest Pro Is Here For Any And All Pest Control Needs

    To work with a team of trained and certified pest control technicians, look no further than Pest Pro. Located in Camden, Delaware, we are committed to delivering excellent pest control services to homes across the state of Delaware. The main cities that we serve our clients in include:
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