Termite Treatment in Milford, Delaware

July 10th, 2019

Good Morning Everybody,
We are coming to you from Milford, Delaware doing a termite treatment. Anthony has been preparing a foundation around the perimeter of the home for this specific service and fortunately for him, he’s encountered some soft ground, so it has been pretty easy so far. It is not hot yet so we’re thankful for the soft ground.

But Anthony actually in his preparation work stumbled upon something that we every once in a while see, but we thought we would show you. Anthony, can you tell everybody what you just found? I found live termites.

We are going to show you exactly where those live termites are. You can see right here in this trench these guys are moving around pretty good. Anthony if you can to stir them up a little bit, let’s see what happens here. Yeah, you can see them. You got some swarmer’s because they’re moving all around in the soil. The fun stuff what you guys have never seen those but we’re getting ready to give them some food and drink. Kind of one of the same but everybody says goodnight to our little friends.

That’s about it, let’s go back to work. Be sure to visit our Pest Treatment channel on YouTube today!

Termite Treatment Map of the United States